Web Design Agency Vs. Freelancer

Apr 18, 2019




There are several differences in experience one would perceive when you hire a web design agency and a freelancer. The difference will come in terms of;


Web design agencies provide a higher technological advantage over a freelancer in the sense that, a web design agency will have a bigger pool of resources, manpower and technologically advanced equipment and software. On the other hand, it will be harder for a freelancer to compete with the same.


Web design agencies are built on client care and assistance. They revolve around the interest of the clients and invest in maintaining professional service delivery like most companies do. However, freelancers are in-house operations that may lack even a permanent address.

User Needs

Web design agencies’ primary focus is on what the client needs. They focus on providing this through services like website maintenances, updates, and even marketing and they may have a team dedicated to achieving that. This helps the client to focus on their business objectives. This is something that will be hard to find when it comes to freelancers.

Nature of Business

Take for example a small brand of business; in such a case, the employment of a web design agency would be unnecessary because it can be costly, yet your business doesn’t need that much input. In this scenario then the best way would be by way of a freelancer who can simply design a website for you at a cheaper cost.

Depending on what you want as a client for your business, either a web design agency or a freelancer will work. However, one needs to be mindful of the outcome of their final website and seek proper advice and information about the two ways of creating their website.

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