The Benefits of In-house Digital Marketing for Hotels

Apr 18, 2019




The hospitality industry has very thin profit margins. Hotels have to use marketing strategies to maximize their profits and improve consumer traffic. Traditional methods of marketing can be expensive, time-consuming and very often will reach a small target audience.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is cheaper and takes a short time to reach a large number of people. Its benefits in hospitality businesses are numerous. Here are some of them:

  1.   Increased Consumer Traffic

One of the general benefits of marketing is increasing consumer traffic. Marketing increases brand awareness and gets information about the services a 5 star hotel offers to the masses. In turn, people get to know more about the business and will find the time to visit the hotel.

  1.   Wider Audience

Digital marketing reaches a wider audience than traditional forms of marketing. The use of social media, for instance, can reach more than 100 million people in an instant where such promotion is done properly. Other forms like infographics and search engine optimization may be used to reach the different types of demographic such as young adults, young couples, travelers and gamers, just to name a few.

  1.   Easy to Manipulate

It is easy to change one digital ad on social media to another. Take the example of an ad that is specifically designed for the festive season, once the season is over, it takes the click of a few computer buttons to take that ad down and replace it with a wholly new and appropriate one. The ease of manipulation cuts across all forms of digital marketing forms.

  1.   Keeps the Business Abreast with Current Times

Digital marketing is a relatively new concept. Businesses that embrace digital marketing strategies will always appear to be keeping up with current times. The logical consequence of this is that the business will attract new and young clients. Eventually, the business has a sense of perpetuity since it keeps on re-inventing itself with the new generations of customers.

Marketing is a vital component of business success. The world is moving towards digitals forms of marketing and to keep being successful, businesses, especially hotels, will always have to adapt to changing times.

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