The Average Price to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Dance Schools

Apr 18, 2019




The increasing number of marketing agencies has made the promotion industry very competitive and streamlined. Most agencies will strive to go the extra mile in creating an innovative ad and product promotion regimes. Others have decided to fight their war with competitive prices. In this regard, as a dance school business owner, you are bound to find a large disparity in the prices of digital marketing across different agencies.

Moreover, since digital marketing is nouveau, it is a tinge difficult to settle on a cartel price among all the agencies which are till cramming to gain entry into the market. This being said, it would be hard to state without a doubt the average price of marketing for dance schools. What is provided here is a mere approximation from different sources.

Digital marketing agencies charge their fees by considering the medium used and the width of the target demographic. Of course, the size of the dance school will be relevant in determining the price too.

Mediums that require a lot of human input will often charge more than others. For instance, it would cost approximately $150 to put up a digital billboard for a music school for 2 months. It would cost half as much to design and produce infographics.

SEO companies will charge from $75 to $2000 depending on the needs of the business. Most of the time, SEO arrangements are paid for periodically where such a project is long-term. Monthly charges may sum up to $3000 for labor-intensive work.

Monthly rates will be suitable where a digital marketing agency provides more than one service to the individual. This conglomeration of services is usually peddled as a monthly package. A keen eye and a knack for economics will reveal that monthly packages make use of economies of scale to reduce the burden on both the dance school owner and the agency.

In conclusion, it is important to make a budget of what you can afford and still meet your needs. Care should be taken not to go overboard with product promotion at the expense of the day-to-day business.

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