Social Marketing Agency Vs. Freelancer

Apr 18, 2019




When it comes to marketing on social media, a person will be faced with the choice of the agent who will work for them to achieve their target. You could either use a social marketing agency or a freelancer. The following are the pros and cons of each:


A freelancer enjoys more independence to work for you as compared to a social marketing agency. This is because a freelancer works alone without interference or consultations like in the case of a social marketing agency.


A freelancer is more flexible as compared to a social marketing agency in the sense that they are single-handedly run and therefore easier to make decisions and change ideas as compared to a social marketing agency that will endure bureaucracies.

Specific Expertise

Most freelancers work to strengthen their expertise upon a particular line of operation. This, in turn, enables them to master a certain field and develop expertise on the same which can be very useful to a person seeking their services within that line of operation. Social marketing agencies, on the other hand, may not so much be able to develop to such a level.


If you compare Social marketing agencies to freelancers, it will emerge that you can exercise better control upon a social marketing agency than a freelancer. A body corporate runs on standards and ethics and thus easier to control than freelance.

The general observation is that it depends on what you are seeking to achieve and the nature of your business as well. For example, you can seek the services of a freelancer to help you learn about social media marketing or just to introduce you to the platforms. If you have a small brand as well, you can seek a freelancer instead of a social marketing agency.

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