Posing For Wedding Photography

Your wedding is one of your life’s most defining moments. So, it’s natural that all of us want to capture these moments in the most flattering way. With so many things happening at your wedding and your nerves skyrocketing, learning the basics of posing for wedding photographs will help you make the most of your photos and look your best.


Posing For Wedding Photography

These few tricks will get you on the right track when it comes to posing for wedding photography:


Don’t Stand Parallel to the Camera

Stand at a slight angle to the camera. This adds depth to your photos. When you stand parallel to the camera, it makes you look wider. Also, the slight twist brings out the shape of your figure.

Ask your photographer also to try out different angles. Angles drastically change the mood of the photos. Good wedding photographers know the right poses. When looking at your photographer’s portfolio, do check out how he plays with different angles.

Stand Tall

No slouching. Straighten up your spine. When posing for wedding photography, imagine the shape of your spine. The spine should be as straight as possible.

Also, think of your neck. Elongate it when posing. Bring out the chin from the neck. Your pose will be so much better with just a simple movement.


Hand Placement

Where you place your hands can change whether your pictures look awkward or fashionable. Don’t let your arms hang. Bring up your hands to your waist. Give them a slight twist. See how much better they look than just handing down your sides. You could also try holding bouquets or your veil for effect. When posing with others, you could also twine them around your groom or friends to give a warm, cozy feeling.


Don’t Over pose

Don’t put too much thought into posing for wedding photography. Sometimes it’s better to forget there’s a camera out there. While some photos will be posed, aim for a few candid photographs. Candid wedding photography is becoming quite the trend for its natural feel and beauty.


Pose with everyone

When you go back to view your wedding album, you will probably want to remember everyone who attended your wedding. While the photos with your groom and immediate family are the most important ones, you should try to include everyone. Create groups who will be posing for wedding photography together. Include the bridesmaid, the flower girls, and the ring bearer.


Try out some creative moments

We can tell from experience that a few creative poses sprinkled in between the conventional poses makes your wedding album so much more special. Look for creative wedding photoshoot ideas online. Discuss these with your wedding photographer before the wedding.


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