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Apr 18, 2019




This article explains the steps that you need to take to market your home health care clinic properly within your area.

Creating a Referral List

The first and most important step is to make sure that you have a source of clients that you can reach out to and get referrals from. This entails meeting up with groups or people within your area that deal with seniors. These may include churches, clubs, societies, hospitals and such.

Explain What You Do

Once you have created the list of referrals that you seek to work with, reach out to them and explain to what it is that you do. Your services, vision, mission. Educate them on the benefits of home health care services. In other words, you are seeking to help them to know how their customers can get help. You might need to send emails, print brochures or even hold meetings with them. All to ensure that they understand the importance of your services.

Return the Favour

Most businesses prefer relationships that are two way. They provide something, and you return another. Since most of your referrals are businesses, have something in return to offer them. This may include referring clients to them when they need their services or helping them pass brochures, printouts or marketing their businesses.


After all, this, make sure that you communicate with your referrals regularly. This is because what you do is not a one time job but a continuous process. Update them on any new developments that arise as well.

With the steps outlined above, you will have a high chance of increasing clients; however, there are other factors that will affect your clients rise or drop. These may include things like your staff, how you carry business, the nature of your healthcare home, location and such.

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