Average Price to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Dental Clinics

Apr 18, 2019




When you want to hire a digital marketing agency to market your dental clinic, you will need to consider the prices for the services you will be seeking. The following is an analysis of the average pricing these agencies have.

Monthly Retainer Contracts

The average retainer fee for a contract lasting a month ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 in the US. However, it is many mowers in Europe to a level of around $751.

Monthly Retainer Preference

Most agencies are currently using the monthly retainer model for payment. This is because it helps them monitor and regulate their inflow of cash easily. The same applies to freelancers.

US Vs. UK Agencies

The comparison of the two agencies reveals that US based agencies have a higher pricing than their UK counterpart.

Global Average Pricing

According to search engine optimization (SEO), it has been observed that there is no standard pricing for digital marketing agencies. Each charge depending on their own capacity and decision.

Bigger Agency Higher Pricing

A bigger agency offers more services, has more personnel, is involved in a higher operations cost and therefore attracts higher pricing for its clients. The types of clients that prefer such agencies are big dental clinics as well which have more content to promote.

Most small dental clinics prefer freelancers to market their businesses digitally; however, this doesn’t stop them from employing the services of bigger agencies. The average price to hire a digital agency to market your dental clinic is dependent upon the other factors as well. It is not fixed that what is analyzed above is the entire pricing made by these agencies. There may exist other pricing as well depending upon where you are carrying out your dental clinic business.

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