5 Trends in Event Photography

It’s not easy to keep up with changing trends. But with photography having a strong relationship with technology, trends in event photography are reflective of new gadgets.


An event photographer needs to keep pace with the changing trends, especially in this modern-day and age where a lot is happening. When it comes to event photography, clients often want the trendiest pictures and use of props to get attention for their event. These five trends in event photography right now will definitely get you that attention:



Videos are the latest style taking over still photography. With the latest gears, people are more inclined towards video shooting than a picture.

Videos tell a story. It’s more interesting to have a story, what lead to that moment and what happened after that, rather than just looking at the frozen moment. With the attention span reducing to a millisecond, it is okay to consider videography as the new trend.



Drones will soon be as common as the clouds. A few years back, there was no such thing as ariel photography even if it did exist; it was only for the wealthy ones who could afford it. But now you can see drones flying above us as soon as you enter a wedding or a concert. Shooting from above and embracing the overall setup or the landscape, is a new style.


Candid photography

This is very much in style these days when it comes to trends in event photography. People nowadays are not interested in sensual looks or impossible postures anymore. They do not want to restrict themselves to portrait photography but opt for a more natural look.

With Candid photography, ask your photographer to shoot a few pictures during the wedding, which include, the couple and the guests laughing, talking, or just sitting. Candid shots are beautiful to look back at.

Light photography

Allow yourself to experiment with light through exposure time, light sources, and natural light. Light painting is a fun technique for both professionals and amateurs these days, and this is one of the catching trends in event photography.

While working with light, let your imagination run wild and come up with crazy ideas to give a sparkle to your photograph. Not everyone can do light photography with ease. Check with your wedding photographer if he knows how to manage it.




This has been known since the 19th century but has recently sparked a new interest. It’s fascinating to see a panoramic photograph of your event. It allows you to have a 180 view of your occasion. It adds a dramatic light to your event. Panorama is how a human eye sees, giving the photograph a realistic feel.



These are some of the worldwide trends in event photography in 2019. We don’t suggest you follow the style altogether, because styles come and go but use these trends in event photography as an inspiration.


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